A visual interpretation of the emotions within Edgar Allan Poe's poem, The Raven.

NLP & VISUALISATION | The Emotions of Jane Austen

A visual interpretation of the language used in a selection of Jane Austen novels, using the NRC Emotion Lexicon.

WEB SCRAPING | Trending Aesthetics

Scraping styles from the Aesthetics Wiki and ranking based on search results from popular online marketplaces.

NLP & SHINY APP | Visual Emotions

A text analysis tool that allows you to visualise the flow of emotions in poems, songs and any other text.

EDA | Twitter Bio Pronouns

Exploration of Twitter user gender identities by extracting pronouns from profile text.

NLP & SHINY | The Daily Emotions

Web application built with Shiny, which scrapes news articles and analyses the emotions within the language.

VISUALISATION | Climate Change

Experimental visualisation of Earth surface temperature, inspired by mandala designs.

VISUALISATION | 80's & 90's Video Games

Top-selling video games of the 80's and 90's using a custom Tetris-themed visualisation.

VISUALISATION | Black Ferns Rugby

Creative visualisation of the performance of New Zealand's Rugby Women's Sevens teams.

VISUALISATION | Who owns the Future of Fuel?

Analysis of alternative fuel stations in the US, highlighting public and private ownership and access.

VISUALISATION | Project Timeline

Functions to turn simple project dates into a neat timeline visualisation.

VISUALISATION | Board Game Designers

Analysis of the 6 most productive board game designers of all time, using a custom checkers-themed chart.

DATASET | Stringr Things

Scraping PDFs containing Stranger Things dialogue from, cleaning and creating dataset for use in #TidyTuesday

VISUALISATION | Chocolate Ratings

Analysis of text descriptions and numeric ratings of chocolate and cocoa beans.


Analysing Google Trends data to visualise the prominence of many LGBTQ+ communities over time.